July 12, 2010

Are You Compatible with Entrepreneurship? Part 2 of 3

Business Rule #2- Be Informed
Now that you have a better understanding of self, let’s examine what it means to be an entrepreneur. Of course you get to dictate your hours, your pay and at times complete creative control over the business. The illusion that now that you are an employer verses your usual title as employee, it will somehow relinquish you from the long hours and hard work that comes with being an employee but the fact of the matter is when you go into business for yourself you will work harder and longer hours then you did as an employee.

Understanding the transformation from a traditional job as an employee to entrepreneurship as the employer can be an indicator if you should attempt to switch. Before you can dive into entrepreneurship you must fully understand what it is to be in business for yourself and consider all the responsibilities it entails. You must research the industry that you are thinking of entering and not only the outer appearance of the day to day business but the administrative side, financial/bookkeeping, the marketing, sales, legal and personnel part of the business. When you go into business for yourself you are no longer just part of one aspect of the company but you are now responsible for the entire livelihood and success of your business. Having a realistic view of starting and running a small business, and it’s many risk will more than prepare you but will help you make an informed decision rather to start a small business or not.

To be a successful business person you must understand that most entrepreneurs’ start off running all aspects of the business from general office needs to sales. It is important to be completely informed on the day to day duties of an entrepreneur in order to figure out if starting a small business is for you. Below is a list of entrepreneurial character traits that you can compare to your personal character traits that you created in the prior exercise.  Check off all the character traits you posses that are found on the Entrepreneurial Character trait list below.

Entrepreneurial character trait list: (In no particular order)
  •     Determination
  •     Innovative
  •     Disciplined
  •     Flexible
  •     Changeable
  •     Adaptable
  •     Responsible
  •     Assertive
  •     Sales(wo)men
  •     Leadership
  •     Creative
  •     Optimistic
  •     Realistic
  •     Prepared
  •     Confidence
  •     Responsive
  •     Independent
  •     Customer Focused
  •     Organized
  •     Motivated
  •     Humble
  •     Hard working
  •     Patient
  •     Enduring
  •     Common Sense
Identifying what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur helps you figure out if you are compatible with entrepreneurship and if you should move pass the thought process into making your dreams manifest.

 Did I miss any entrepreneurial character traits? What would you add or take away from the list?

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