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There is so much information to be told about each entity that SmallBiz Stew created a free eBook series to help you pin point which entity is best for you and your business. 

Make sure to check out the recommended eBooks that are for sale listed below that will also help you start and maintain your small business.

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Forming your business structure

Forming your business structure -

The big deal about partnership

The big deal about partnership -

All about corporations

All about corporations -

Recommended eBooks for sale
Take a look at the following eBooks that are great for start-up, business ideas and/or helping you manage your small business. 

Business Plan Toolkit- Including Source Files, Pro-Forma, and Graph!
My actual small business plan from a real business plus all the charts, graphs, and expert add-ons to make plugging in your own info easy. 40% payout on sales = more $$$ for you seller!
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Daycare Start Up and Management Guide
Complete business package to help you easily and quickly start and manage your own profitable home-based day care business!
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Small Business Marketing, Low Cost Advertising Ideas
Do you have a very small biz? Do you do your own marketing? Learn the most effective ways to market -- that cost little or nothing -- and you can do yourself. Real advice. Quality advice. From a 20-year pro.
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Client Magnet- 89,000 Small Business Marketing Ideas
The fastest way for small / medium business owners to explode their profits with a push button marketing tool that makes marketing fun. Free video gives free tips for businesses owners.
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