February 14, 2011

Leggo my LOGO

A logo is an image created to represent your company. Your logo should be designed to remind consumers about your product/service.

On a daily bases we are bombarded with thousands of logos from the designer logo on your clothes, to the little rooster on your box of cereal in the morning. Logos are smart and sometimes necessary marketing tools that help establish a company’s brand.

SBS logo is a pot full of small business topics which was created to remind readers that my website consists of different tad bits of small business information. The reason my logo works because it is congruent with my blog's title and the service I provide.

The right logo should do exactly that, connect the reader to your business name, brand and the service/product you offer.

It is well known that people are more inclined to remember images then words and at times a logo can be easier for consumers to identify your brand then your business name.

A successful logo not only leaves a positive lasting impression on consumers but it doesn’t even have to be an image. Your business logo can be a certain way that your business name is spelled. Take Marvel Comics, their logo is an illustration of their business name. This is called logotype which is another effective way to market your brand.

Other examples of logotypes:


Picking the right logo can be very beneficial for your business success and brand marketing.

Start jotting down ideas for a possible logo for your business.

Now it's time to decide on a logo, use the below resources to help you create the perfect logo for your small business.

Logo Maker

Here’s An Idea
Book an appointment with a graphic designer and let them create the right logo for your business. A graphic designer can take the guess work out of creating a logo that will be effective and represents your business. 

Pictures by:
Dell: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Dell_Logo.png
XBOX: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63088481@N00/76039642
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