February 16, 2011

My Business Motto

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Are you in good hands?
Don't leave home without it
It keeps going, and going, and going

When you read the above taglines you instantly knew what companies these taglines belonged to.  Successful taglines are not necessarily catchy but are designed to remind you of what you get from their service or product.

A lot of companies use their tagline as the bases for their marketing plan. They make sure to add their tagline on all outgoing mailings, business cards, stationary, and is added to the closing of all email communications.

The tagline for my freelance writing service is A freelance service you can trust which allows potential clients to easily identify what sets me apart from other freelance writers. Creating the right tagline helps strengthens your brand, it can be used a marketing tool, and it helps consumers identify your product/service.

1.       Create a list of words that best describe the service or product that you offer. 
2.       Now jot down at least six phrases that include those keywords that you can use as your business tagline.

Now that you have a list of possible taglines/mottos, it’s time to decide on which one works best for your small business. Make sure your tagline speaks about how your product/service is unique and coincides with your business’ message.  

Use the below resources to help you create and decide on the right tagline/motto for your small business.



Do you really need a logo or tagline? Not necessarily but when you are thinking about brand marketing these are the best options to create brand awareness.

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