February 18, 2011

Picking the Right Business Color

Picking the right business color/smallbizstew.blogspot.com

Your Business colors
Knowing the colors that should be associated with your business only strengthens your brand marketing. It enforces a unified look and helps consumers easily identify your business. Think about it for a second, you use colors for your website design, in store décor, business cards, uniforms, etc. so why wouldn't you strategically use the same colors that will help consumers identify your brand.

It is important to think about your business as a unit and all aspects of your business must be congruent in order to not confuse the consumer and to create a strong brand identity.

What your business color says 
Everyone either had or at least knows about mood rings and if your mood ring color changed to red it meant a certain mood. Well that is the same when you choose certain colors for your business. Certain colors are associated with certain moods and you have to make sure that your business is capturing the right mood in your consumers.

If you notice that banks usually use colors such as red and blue. Red usually is considered to mean caution or action, so banks hope to relay the emotion of please use caution when dealing with money or take action with money planning. Blue is supposed to be assuring and calming, like trust us to take care of your money.

Don't think it's necessary to have company colors, let's put it to the test. For the below four companies, can you tell me what their company colors are? 
  • Coca Cola
  • Facebook
  • Shell's Gas Station 
  • McDonald's

These companies have successfully created a brand that is backed by consistency with their colors, message and logo.

When you pick out the colors for your business make sure that the colors you use for your business is consistent. Your online presence should match your offline appearance as well as matching any information that is associated with your company. The goal is to create a unified look that will strengthen your brand image.

Now it's time to decide on your company colors. 

Remember to keep in mind
·         Don't use too many colors. You don’t want to confuse the consumer and using fewer colors also saves money on ink printing.
·         Try to stay with colors that are common. Remember all your consumers don't use the same computer monitor, so they may not be able to view the color as you intended.
·         Try to use colors that represent the right mood for your business. Pink is seen as feminine and if you are creating a site geared toward men, pink isn’t setting the right mood for your target audience.
·         Make sure the colors go well together, especially when you are using these colors for the décor of your office/store front as well.


You should consider a color palette that your business can use to create a unified look and by using the below links can help you decide. 

At the end of your research you should have successfully selected a logo, tagline and your company colors. 

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