August 2, 2010

Business software that’s perfect for your budget

When you start a small business you are responsible for all aspects of the business from general office needs to sales. Finding business software that will help alleviate some of the work will allow you to focus on the important things. Before you create a budget to cover the business software you need, first you should check online for free business downloads that you can use. This weeks discussions will be surrounded around tools and ideas that small businesses can use to help manage their business.

Today’s blog,  list free software that will help you manage your small business. gives small business the necessary software to create documents, worksheets, databases, presentations and photo editing. For small businesses who don’t want to deal with the hassle of Microsoft Office licenses can consider this free office software alternative.

Small business owners have free use of the package and can download the product to as many computers without worrying about licenses. works with most commercial vendors and should be easy to exchange files, it will even open up Microsoft Word 2010 documents. word document has a familiar format of an earlier version of Microsoft Word. This is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office suite and the best thing about it is it’s free!

Free Management Software

Systems Online (SCT)
Free Accounting Software automatically keeps track of purchases, bills and other bookkeeping needs while freeing up time to do other things. Providing over 72 different reports, small businesses can successful manage their business and keep track over their inventory. Free Accounting Software can be downloaded to numerous computers without download restrictions.


Free Accounting Software allows you to set up, track, edit and manage the following areas:

    * Company management
    * Customer Service
    * Sales
    * Inventory Control

Other tools

    * Create quotes/sales order
    * Invoices
    * Credit and debit Memos
    * Purchase orders
    * Checks and deposits

 To download your free copy of Free Accounting Software and to read more including system requirements click here.

 Purchasing the necessary business software in order to run your small business smoothly can be pricey. You can end up spending hundreds of dollars on software that may require additional funds to be trained to use it. and SCT is offering similar quality software to small businesses but at an unbeatable price, free.

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