August 3, 2010

Small business idea – Consulting

Small business idea- consulting. Photo by: lumaxarts-
Everyone has something that they are particularly good at and that specialty can be turned into an online consulting business. Consulting is offering a service that requires a continuing push in marketing.  In order to start an online consulting business you must understand that communication is the key. Your success is highly dependent upon how well you sell and market your service. As a consultant you are constantly communicating what you do and how it will benefit the consumer. So having good communication skills is a plus.

Depending on how you plan to offer your service; you must be kept up with technology and industry trends in order to stay competitive. When figuring out how you will deliver your service to consumers, consider the following questions.
  •     How are you going to deliver your service?
  •     Are their more efficient ways to deliver your product?
  •     How is your competitor delivering their service to consumers?
  •     How can you deliver your service in more innovative ways that your competitor has yet to venture into?
Staying on top of technology and how it affects your industry will help you not only enter the market but market your brand in a profitable way.

Tips getting your consulting business off the ground
First you must lay the foundation for your business and know what services you are offering, who your target market is, obtain any necessary certifications/licenses needed, and know exactly how you will relay your message. Once you have the foundation laid, you are ready to get started. The below is a guide to help you get started.

Get exposed
Start a business website which will be the forefront of your business. Your business message should be clear and the service you provide plainly stated so that the reader can easily identify who you are, what service you offer and how it will benefit them. To start off your website can be simple and to the point but it should include the following:
  •     A page about your company and what qualifies your company to offer the service that you provide.
  •     A service page explaining what it is that your company offers and what the prices are for your service.
  •     Information page that gives useful information, guides and/or tips related to your service. Providing related information prolongs consumer’s exposure to the service you offer and it shows them that you are serious about the service you provide and it solidifies your status as a trusted expert on the topic.
  •     Contact page with at least two different methods of contacting you. You can add an email address as well as a contact form so that consumers can reach you.
Create a marketing plan that will announce your business to consumers. Make sure that your marketing plan includes a strong internet marketing campaign. Possible marketing ideas are: social media marketing, email marketing, create an eBook for free downloading, and create a blog about your service. Remember the key to any business that is based on offering a service is constant promoting and staying on top of industry trends. Any successful marketing message should always reflect how your service will benefit the consumer.

Get your business brand out there by joining communities and associations related to your industry.  Learning from industry veterans can give you valuable information and communicating with your industry peers allow you to gain client leads and recommendations.

If you are considering starting your own consulting business, use today's discussion to get you started.

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