August 5, 2010

Importance of keywords

Importance of keywords. photo by:
So it’s time to get a website up letting the world know that you have a product or service to offer. In order to optimize the exposure your website will get, you have to make sure that your website has all the necessary keywords to bring in traffic. Keywords are important because they dictate your visibility in search engines when potential consumers are browsing for products or services that you offer and they are also important if you plan to monetize your website with programs such as Google’s AdSense or Infolinks. The more you use keywords in your website content, the more money you can potentially earn. Keywords are a pretty big deal and should be considered when deciding what content to put on your website.

The key to using keywords is to do it in a way that your company’s message is clearly stated but hidden within the text are keywords strategically placed to bring in traffic and increase profit. When done correctly, keywords should appear to be subtle so that it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the websites content and the company’s message is intact. The best way to achieve that is to first pick the keywords you want to use to drive traffic and relevant ads to your website. In order to pick the right keywords you have to do research on what keywords to use.

How to pick the right keywords
Use the below guide to pick the right keywords for your website.

Step 1:
Make a list of phrases that are three or four more keywords that you think consumers will use to search for your website or websites like yours.

Example: Kelly’s Daycare Center
Keyword phrases
  •     Affordable daycare center
  •     Area daycare centers
  •     24 hr. daycare centers
  •     Women owned daycare centers
  •     Flexible daycare centers
  •     Daycare centers accept vouchers
Step 2:
Next test your keyword phrases with free online keyword tools like Google Keyword tool or Submit Express.

Step 3: 
Select the top five key phrases that are highly search and will blend in best with the content of your website.

Now that you have your top key phrases you are ready to create relevant content that will not only deliver the company message but will generate a profit and drive in traffic. Remember the key to successful keyword driven content is making sure that you chose keywords that match closely with your product or service. It should be a seamless transition that doesn’t interrupt the flow of your message.

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