August 4, 2010

Small business idea- freelance writing

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As a freelance writer you have complete control over your business and work flow. Freelance writers are independent contractors that help companies fulfill their freelance writing needs. In order to successfully start your own internet business, you must have a complete understanding of what it takes to be successful. Once you have figured that out, you are ready to use the below guide as a simple way to get your home base business started.

Tips to get started
The key to most service base business is networking. In order for your business to be successful you have to get out there and get yourself known. The top five tips to get started are:

*Get a website for yourself
There is no better way to sell your service then to broadcast your talents and skills on a website. To start off you don’t have to get all fancy but a simple three page website will suffice.  Your website should include a section that gives information about you, a page with samples of your writing and a contact page. As you gain experience your website will grow with you. The point in the beginning is to just get your name and work out there.

*Start a blog
This is the best freelance marketing tool there is. Starting a blog not only showcase your writing skills and industry knowledge but it is the best way to market your brand, you. Make sure to interact with readers and whenever you get a chance make sure to market your blog.

*Get involved
Now it’s time to start networking and getting yourself exposed to the online writing world. Join at least two blogs related to your niche and join writing communities that can teach, inform, and allow you to make connections with other freelance writers. This is the easiest way to land solid freelance writing jobs by getting your name in the conversations of those who have a need for your service.

*Be an expert
Become an expert in your niche and showcase your knowledge by joining forums that allow you to answer questions related to your specialty. Answering questions not only helps those who are in need of the answer but it helps establish you as an expert on the topic.

Be patient
Viewership doesn’t happen overnight, so having patience will help calm the nerves and doubt about your business venture. Be firm to your goals and realistic in your expectations and success will happen as long as you allow the allotted time for your brand to grow.

These are just starters but it should give you a solid start to begin your own freelance business. But with any new business adventure it is best to make sure that entrepreneurship is for you and that you have what it takes to start a new business.


  1. Hey Dawn! Great information for Freelance Writers here. I particularly agree with "Don't get too fancy" when creating a website.

    Too often I see freelancers spend all of their time building a site and little time promoting it or actually working. If you offer a valuable service people will find you! Get out there and start working and build a client base.

  2. Hey Deirdre,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I also think a lot of freelance writers get intimated by building a website and believe they need to hire someone to do it, but that is far from the truth.


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