August 6, 2010

Top three must have for small business

Top three must have for small business
During a time where business are closing faster than they are opening, small businesses need to be sure to optimize all venues that will bring in potential consumers. There are certain things that small businesses should have in place in order to be successful. They must have a business website, accept different methods of payment and have a consumer feedback system in place. Today’s blog covers the top three things a small business must have in order to stay competitive and to drive in business.

Business website
I’ve said it once, and I will say it again. I am a firm believer that every business, no matter how small, should have a business website. It may not be a full fledged website that is equipped with e-commerce but it should at least announce to the world, who and what their business is about. Whenever consumers are curious about a business or need to know about a certain product, the first thing they do is look it up on the internet.

If a consumer is searching for a specific business and the business doesn’t have a website, chances are they will move on to another company that does have a website. It is imperative that businesses have an online presence that not only informs the public of their product or service but it should also be congruent to their offline appearance in order to strengthen your brand.

Accept credit cards
If a small business offers a product or service for a monetary exchange then they should accept credit cards. Many consumers do not use cash to make purchases and the fact that a store accepts credit cards encourages consumers to purchase a little extra since they don’t have to worry about having enough cash on them. Not everyone has or uses credit cards but more people are using debit cards to make purchases and businesses should be ready to adapt to any consumer purchase method.

Every business should have some sort of customer feedback system where they are actively seeking consumer opinions and implementing their feedback directly into their business workflow. Many businesses opt to include consumer feedback in their business operation and it prohibits them from capitalizing on the major benefits that consumer feedback provides.

Knowing exactly what products consumers are buying and what they think about the business products or services , not only helps the business save on inventory but it also gives helpful feedback on how businesses should market their brand. Utilizing some sort of feedback system will also help businesses stay consumer focused that promote a connection between their brand and the consumer.

In a competitive world where word of mouth is still the biggest marketing tool that any business could ask for, it is imperative that businesses keep up with industry trends and consumer needs. In order to do this, small businesses must have a business website creating an online presence so that consumers can easily find information about the business and its products or services. Small businesses can easily do this by creating a free website that details all the pertinent information about their brand.

Small businesses should also invest in expanding acceptable consumer purchase options in order to encourage consumer spending. Even the mom and pops corner stores are now accepting credit cards and expanding their consumer base.Finally, consumers should adapt a consumer feedback system that allows them stay on top of consumer demands and strengthen their brand through a consumer focused marketing plan. Small businesses can simply add a comment box in their store, while online small businesses can easily add a feedback section on their website or add a contact page where consumers can send feedback directly from their website.

Are you ready to meet consumer demands? 
Photo by: Lotus Head from Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


  1. I believe "credibility" is the most important feature that small business websites must demonstrate. This could be done through verification seals, industry accreditation, memberships in major industry forums, real client testimonials, loads of useful information for the visitors.

  2. DoRightMarketing,

    Thanks for your comment.

    Yes credibility is important because it encourages potential clients/customers to do business with you. I think the main issue for small businesses is having a website at all. I find a lot of businesses don't even have a simple website up to expose their business to the online community.

  3. The small business is on trial it's products and services are suspect from the get go. That small business needs to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that it can provide the best value over its competitors. What's worse is that you only have about 8 seconds from the time the visitor hits the homepage to the time they click the back button to hook them into your sales copy.small business search engine optimisation

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